Zenbu House of Mozaru

Zenbu House of Mozaru, located on the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia, serves up delectable modern Japanese cuisine ranging from Donburis, Ramen to Sushi and even Teppanyaki hot plates. As the name suggests, the restaurant is known for its famous “Mozarus”, which is Japanese rice topped with melted mozzarella cheese and a choice of various meats and seafood.

A spacious location that is perfect for large groups and families, Zenbu offers dishes that are generous portioned, perfect for sharing no matter the size. With a menu that spans almost 200 dishes, there is definitely something for everyone to savour at Zenbu.

For Mozaru-lovers, the house special, Zenbu Mozaru is a must-have with a selection of either curry or butter rice and even spaghetti can be chosen as a base. It is then topped off with a mixture of prawns, chicken katsu and mouth-watering Mozzarella cheese, a true fusion dish from the kitchen. From the streets of Osaka, Zenbu present their rendition of the Beef Modanyaki, fried noodles served on a hot plate with Japanese original dressing, Mayonnaise, tender beef and a fried egg to top it all off.

Rainbow roll

For those with large groups, the Teppanyaki is ideal for sharing and further enriched by the experience of grilling your very own dishes. There is seafood, chicken, salmon and even a wagyu option available with a choice of either Gomatare or Black Pepper sauce on the side. The menu also offers a host of Zenbu sushi rolls, such as the Rainbow roll and their signature Dynamite roll which consists of Unagi, Ebi, Kani and avocado slathered with Zenbu special Dynamite sauce.

With the restaurant’s emphasis on healthiness to maintain a peak physical and psychological state, drinks such as the Yakult Blitz and Green Mix are available to help diners gain a controlled and balanced nourishment.

Mal Plaza Indonesia ex 5th Floor Jl. M.H. Thamrin kav. 28-30
11am – 945pm (Daily)
WEBSITE: www.zenbu.co.id
PHONE: +62 08181 93628

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