If you are a fan of no-frills Indian cuisine, look no further than Zanas Bar & Grill. Located in Taman Kemayoran Condominium, it is a quaint little restaurant with an interior that is as simple as they come by, having said so, Zanas lets their food do the talking with every dish as comforting as a home cooked meal. The restaurant is great for group gatherings with portions large enough for sharing in a homely atmosphere.

For a starting dish, the Paper Masala is a great way to begin the meal, the thin bread is light and crispy, sprinkled with Masala for an extra spice. The assortment of naans on offer are great for sharing, or should you decide to simply have it as a supplement pairs very well with other dishes; the Plain and Garlic Naans are fluffy, flavourful and incredibly consistent.

Lamb Hyderabadi

A must-have on the menu, is the tender mild spiced Lamb Hyderabadi with spinach and mint leaves, the shank is succulent and covered in spicy thick sauce for an additional burst of flavour at every bite. The Ayam Sate is another signature dish, the skewered chicken is grilled to perfection and coated in Sate sauce. Have it together with sambal chilli and the overall taste of sweetness and spiciness will simply be unforgettable.

For a sweet fix, Zanas offers a variety of desserts but the absolute stand-out is the Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream served on a hot plate. Melted chocolate is poured over the dessert once served, keeping the brownie and sauce warm. Eat it together with the ice cream and it will satisfy every sweet tooth’s craving.

Taman Kemayoran Condominium, Tower Eboni, Lantai Dasar, Jl. Benjamin Sueb, Kemayoran, Jakarta
11am-11pm (Daily)
PHONE: +62 828 1702 0202

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