The Sam Willows , Singapore’s Chart Topping Pop Band

Formed in mid 2012, the four-member band has been making waves in the music scene and topping charts since their debut. Comprising Sandra Riley Tang, Jon Chua and siblings Benjamin and Narelle Kheng.

The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows

Singapore’s chart topping pop band, The Sam Willows have collaborated with Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and TLC for the new season of “A Taste of Hong Kong”. Premiering on the 14 August 2017, the programme focuses on showcasing refreshing perspectives of Hong Kong. Throughout the season, key opinion leaders from Southeast Asia are invited to spend a day with co-host and Hong Kong singer-actress Josie Ho, where they spend ‘a-day-in-her-life’ on an adrenalised insider tour of the city.

“A Taste of Hong Kong” will be launching its fourth season in August 2017 on TLC. Compared to its previous seasons, the upcoming season will be focusing on an alternative, refreshing perspective of Hong Kong.

The Sam Willows will be co-hosting Episode 3 – “Hong Kong After Dark”, where Josie Ho takes them around the bustling city after the sun sets. They experience the enchanting city like a true local, instead of visiting only common tourist attractions. Some of the locations featured in this episode include the SKYE Bar and Visage One.

1 – What is your dream destination and why?

We’ve always wanted to see the northern lights as a band

2 – Three things that you could never travel without?

PS4, camera and portable charger

3 – Which destination surpassed your expectations and surprised you the most?

We are impressed with Sweden and Hong Kong, where we recently went for the filming of A Taste of Hong Kong 4 where we discovered Hong Kong like a local, and absolutely loved it! The old-school charm mixed with modernity and bustling nightlife never fail to surprise and delight. You can basically walk from club to club and the view at night is amazing. We were also really impressed with all the expressive art all around the city. Everywhere is so Instagram-worthy. We can’t wait to be back again!

4 – Where are you looking to travel next?

We just came back from a great trip to Hong Kong, and up next we’re headed to Sydney and then Japan for Summer Sonic; can’t wait to go on more crazy food trails, and maybe a hike or two.

5- What projects are you currently working on?

Our second album is dropping pretty soon and we’re busy shooting a whole bunch of awesome stuff. Can’t wait for that!

6- Do you have any tips or advice for budding music artists?

First of all, it’s important to have the passion. You must love what you do. If you don’t love it enough, once you hit the first obstacle, it’ll be so easy to give up. It definitely will be a tough journey, there will be ups and downs. No matter what happens, if you know why you are doing this in the first place, it will pull you through.

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