March Pick: Duddell’s, 2 Michelin Stars, Hong Kong

A restaurant that has both style and substance, Duddell’s is a two-star Michelin establishment that specializes in Cantonese cuisine. The two-storey space located on the top floors of the Shanghai Tang Mansion is magnificently designed with marble floors and beautiful jade and gold accents fusing together old and new, accentuating the whole dining experience. With a cocktail bar producing innovative mixes, outdoor terrace overlooking the city, private rooms and even an art gallery on the lower floors with constantly rotating collections, the space truly provides a one of a kind setting for diners.



The service at Duddell’s is simply impeccable, upholding the reputation of a two Michelin starred restaurant. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and are quick to tend to each customers’ query, being able to suggest dishes from the menu to suit certain taste and need.

Duddell's Beancurd sheet with Shrimp and Black Truffle

Beancurd sheet with Shrimp and Black Truffle

Duddell's Smoked Duck Breast with Honey

Smoked Duck Breast with Honey

Moving on to the what truly makes the restaurant stand out from the rest, the food. The menu consists of a combination of well-loved classics and modern creations that will leave taste buds wanting more. For instance, a simple dish such as the beancurd sheet with shrimp has been elevated with the addition of black truffle, the crispy thin beancurd skin is fried to perfection and has an amazing crunch to it. Another must-have is the succulent smoked duck breast with honey, the duck has just the right amount of fat, is soft and tender and paired with the sweetness of the honey, perfectly complementing the saltiness of the meat.

Duddell's Braised Fried Rice with Chicken and Black Mushroom

Braised Fried Rice with Chicken and Black Mushroom

For those looking for something slightly heavier, the braised fried rice with chicken and black mushroom is great. Yet another very typical Cantonese dish but the item that truly stands out is the rice, it is unbelievably fragrant and when mixed with the sauce the texture is at every bite is astonishing. A signature and must-order is the crispy salted chicken, it is surprising light, very tender and the wafer-like skin is incredibly crisp.

Duddell's Crispy Salted Chicken

Crispy Salted Chicken

Drink: Offer a diverse selection of wines, innovative range of cocktails as well as white and yellow Chinese liquors and a select list of rare and fine Chinese teas.

Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central
Lunch: Mon to Sun, 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm
Dinner: Mon to Sat, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm; Sun, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
PHONE: +852 2525 9191

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