VAC: Wild and Free Photography Exhibition

In her lifetime, award-winning wildlife photographer Silvana Sutanto sought to give voice to the silent and silenced – animals whose habitats are being threatened by humanity’s encroachment.

To raise awareness, she would travel to far-flung remote regions, forging through rough terrain and waiting for hours under often-harsh conditions to capture the perfect shot.

The exhibition Wild and Free is created in tribute to the late wildlife photographer, Silvana Sutanto. The Silvana S. Foundation will be putting up an exhibition cum sale of 15 of her works. In addition, fine Jewelery boutique Loang & Noi has exclusively designed a series of zebra pendant brooches to accompany her captivating images. Profits from the show will benefit Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS).



For Silvana, the natural world held a mirror to human interactions. Among the wild creatures, she saw and was touched by instances of family bonding, love and friendship which she felt were often neglected in a society caught in the bustle of contemporary living.

With her keen eye, she sought to bridge different worlds through photography. Her ethos of creating common ground between people and other living things is evident with how her images transport viewers from our manufactured society to a realm that echos with nature’s urgent whispers.

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