The Elysian Bali

The Elysian

A true paradise away from home is the beautifully unique boutique villa hotel, The Elysian. Located conveniently in the heart of Seminyak, Bali’s most cosmopolitan location, the villas are just a short drive from the airport, moments away from the stunning beach and situated around some world-famous shopping and dining venues, perfect for indulging in the robust international cuisine that Bali has to offer or shop for some exquisite local arts and crafts.

With 26 private pool villas on the property, each villa is designed with a common goal in mind, to reflect the beauty and charm of modern Bali while still respecting the traditions and history of the island. That is truly evident with the mixture of both current and traditional designs, furniture and fixtures in each unit, indeed bringing out the very best in old Bali but also incorporating a truly modern touch in the idyllic resort paradise.

The Elysian Pool Villa


Each villa at the Elysian covers a total of 140 square metres, providing guests with ample space to feel truly at home, each one is surrounded by cool, leafy Balinese plants bordering an 8 by 3 metre private pool with a 2 metre height wall enclosing each unit where guests can enjoy a sense of total seclusion whether it’s during a swim or just relaxing by the deck.

The open concept living, dining and entertainment rooms are fitted with full-range windows to allow natural lighting in to give the space and open and airy feeling, complete with comfortable sofas, a cozy dining table and top of the range entertainment systems such as Apple TV with pre-loaded movies & Bose speakers, every detail has been well thought through to provide the very best for guests.

The spacious and luxurious bedroom has a king-sized bed to ensure guests obtain a good night’s sleep and a wardrobe large enough for even the most avid travelers. The bathroom is a modern work of art, with the intricately designed shower area which also doubles up as a bathtub, looks like something out of a Turkish spa. The ceiling is fitted with a transparent glass panel to allow natural light to illuminate the beautiful bathroom space.

The Elysian restaurant


At the Elysian, the breakfast menu is extensive with both local and international cuisines, favorites such as the famous Indonesian Nasi Groreng, delectable Strawberry pancakes and many more can be ordered for a perfect meal to start the day. Dishes are sent over by the personal butler daily for guests to savour at the comforts of their villas.

The Rush Bamboo Restaurant and Bar located beside the main pool offers Indonesia, Thai and Italian cuisine with Chef Sudi, who has over 20 years of experience in the hotel F&B line, helming the kitchen. Dishes such as the Pandan Leave Chicken and Pumpkin Ravioli are must-haves, both are simply delicious and truly showcases the skill and diversity of the chef.

The Elysian spa


Spa goers are transported to a tropical paradise at Elysian Spa with beautiful interiors of wood and soothing ambient music playing softly throughout the premise. The Balinese Massage is an all-time favourite with its long relaxing strokes using palm and finger techniques to unknot all those stresses away.

The session starts with a foot massage using peppermint sea salt scrub known for its anti-bacteria properties followed by a refreshing peppermint wash in a bowl of rose petals. Choices of oils are available with the popular choice Signature made with pink grapefruit and mandarin essential oils lusciously mixed with a base of virgin coconut and sweet almond.

Therapist are well trained, professional and always smiling, paying close attention to details even to the extent of making sure the room temperature and pressure of massage are to your liking. Ginger tea is served in a whole pot with fresh lemon grass as a stirrer accompanied by a side of honey for that added sweetness to complete the session. One’s whole mind and body will be in a state of true harmony and bliss. Healing for everyone.

18 Saridewi, Seminyak, Kuta Bali 80361, Indonesia
PHONE:  +62 361 730 999

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