Tan Kheng Hua, Award-Winning Theatre/Television Actress/Producer

Kheng Hua is a well-known award-winning theatre/television actress/producer in Singapore. She is regarded as a veteran of Singapore theatre and was recently selected as one of 50 iconic local stage personalities in an exhibition celebrating 50 years of Singapore theatre.  Onstage, she has appeared in countless local theatre productions of all genres, including leads in landmark plays such as Beauty World, Lao Jiu, Descendants of the Admiral Eunuch, Animal Farm, Cooling Off Day and The Effect. Most recently, she was […]

Sing’thatre Presents Hilarious Jukebox Musical ‘Forever Young’

Hold on to your wigs and dentures as Sing’theatre presents a hilarious jukebox musical Forever Young that will knock you off your chair! Originally written by Swiss playwright Erik Gedeon and adapted by Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee, the Singaporean twist of this European cult hit features a star-studded cast of renowned local thespians. Forever Young is the culmination of Sing’theatre’s 10th anniversary celebrations and runs from 11 to 21 October 2017 at the SOTA Drama Theatre. Set half a century […]