Sakiko NOMURA | The 33rd Higashikawa Award Winner

野村佐紀子 | 第33回写真の町東川賞 新人作家賞受賞 写真集「Another Black Darkness」(Akio Nagasawa Publishing)及び一連の作家活動に対して 現在、受賞を記念した展覧会が「北海道<写真の町>東川町文化ギャラリー」にて開催中です。     お近くにいらっしゃる際には是非お立ち寄り下さい。 【会期】2017年7月29日(土)~8月30日(水) 【会場】北海道<写真の町>東川町文化ギャラリー Sakiko NOMURA | The 33rd Higashikawa Award Winners – New Photographer Award For her photobook「Another Black Darkness」(Akio Nagawawa Publishing) and other activities as a photographer. An exhibition commemorating the award be held at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, Hokkaido. 【Period】29 July (Sat.) – 30 August (Wed.), 2017 【Venue】Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, Hokkaido 第33回写真の町東川賞 新人作家賞を受賞する等、国内外での活躍が目覚ましい野村佐紀子。 受賞理由のひとつとして挙げられた作品集「Another Black Darkness」をはじめとして、最新刊の「Ango」をご紹介致します。 Sakiko Nomura who has been remarkably active in Japan and overseas as […]

VAC: Wild and Free Photography Exhibition

In her lifetime, award-winning wildlife photographer Silvana Sutanto sought to give voice to the silent and silenced – animals whose habitats are being threatened by humanity’s encroachment. To raise awareness, she would travel to far-flung remote regions, forging through rough terrain and waiting for hours under often-harsh conditions to capture the perfect shot. The exhibition Wild and Free is created in tribute to the late wildlife photographer, Silvana Sutanto. The Silvana S. Foundation will be putting up an exhibition cum sale of […]