Rolands Restaurant

An establishment instilled into the history books of Singapore, Rolands Restaurant has been around since the 1950’s and are said to have invented one of the most recognisable dishes up till today, the famous Chili Crab, a truly uniquely Singaporean dish.

Located on the level six car park of block 89 at Marine Parade Central, the restaurant offers no frills Cantonese cuisine with recipes dating back to when the current owners’ parents were at the helm of the restaurant, ensuring that each and every dish is prepared with tradition. The seafood dishes are kept to a minimum in order to simplify operations and provide diners with the taste and quality that simply has not wavered through all these years. At Rolands Restaurant they do not compromise quality with size, serving up generous helpings of food, perfect for sharing with large groups of friends and family.

Crispy baby squid with fried you tiao

To start the meal, one of the most popular and true mainstay dishes in the menu is the Crispy Baby Squid served with a side of fried You Tiao stuffed with sotong paste. The squid has an amazing crunch to it, leaving you wanting more every time. Another must-order is the Classic Black Sauce Prawns, a family secret recipe that has been around for fifty years is used to create the sauce, the thick reduction is coated onto the large King Prawns, specially selected to contain roe in each of them ensuring a scrumptious aroma at every bite.

Rolands Chilli Crab

For the mains, a definite is the famous Rolands Chili Crab, a dish that needs no introduction, the generously sized crab amassed with roe is slathered with amazingly rich spicy thick chili sauce. Have it with a side of fried Man Tou to complete a meal that will surely bring back many childhood memories. Another flavourful dish is the house specialty Mee Goreng, served with fresh prawns and stir fried egg, the noodles have great consistency with a slight spice to it, a great complement to the chili crab.

With many Cantonese desserts on offer such as sweet yam paste with gingko nut, mango pudding and cream of red beans with glutinous rice dumpling. There are many options available for diners to end the meal in a perfect manner.

89 Marine Parade Central # 06 – 750, Singapore 440089
Lunch 1130am-230pm (Mon-Sat), 11am-230pm (Sun)
Dinner 6pm-1030pm (Mon-Sun)
TELEPHONE: +65 6440 8205
PRICE CATEGORY: Between $50-100 a person

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