Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection, Chapter 1-4

Bringing creative and quality perfumes to audiences since 1870, a total of 147 years through history with each Penhaligon’s scent telling a fascinating tale. Just like its new Portraits Collection, inspired and named after a series of fairy tale noble gentlemen and ladies, with the use of the finest and highest quality ingredients fit for even the most discerning of aroma-philes.

Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection

Chapter 1

The Tragedy of Lord George

An honest and noble man, Lord George is a very confident and powerful individual in the British history, dedicating himself to his country with pride. He is a man of honour with much self-awareness to his appearances. However, his weakness is his temptation; women.

Therefore, this particular scent is made exquisite and masculine, reflecting that characteristics of Lord George. A perfect woody and leathery tone with a touch of spiciness bringing out the sophistication and elegance of a man.

Head Notes: Brandy                Heart Notes: Shaving Soap                  Base Notes: Tonka Bean

Lord George

The Revenge of Lady Blanche

Being of high social status, Lady Blanche was a very significant female character in the chapter always self-conscious, in terms of her dressings, words and behaviours. A charming and mysterious lady who is also a social butterfly that might sometimes bite. “Oh! She is charmingly dangerous.”

This scent perfectly depicts the life essence of Lady Blanche, it is calm and floral with a powdery tone which brings out the wit and perplexing characteristics of a woman. It will mesmerise all ladies and their men.

Head Notes: Powdery Orris          Heart Notes: Narcissus Flower           Base Notes: Hyacinth

Lady Blanche

Much Ado About The Duke

A captivating and dazzling lad who won the hearts of many women, Duke Nelson’s presence is everywhere, a terrific character. He is comical and charming, he is absolutely opaque that no one can ever understand. Along with this opaqueness is a secret side that is both mysterious yet desirable.

As his character suggests, this particular scent is rosy floral, smooth and soft but with a mix of peppery musky and leathery woody tones to bring out the sensuality, flamboyance and masculinity of a man.

Head Notes: Peppery Rose        Heart Notes: Gin           Base Notes: Leathery Wood

The Duke

The Coveted Duchess Rose

To avoid the suffocating drama of her house, Duchess Rose (the daughter of Lord George and Lady Blanche) married a duke. While the marriage was full of happiness in the beginning, it had slowly become dull and undelightful. Described as an ambitious person, Duchess Rose is full of desires, always dreaming and out seeking amusement.

Portraying a delicate scent of woody amidst the fresh rosy and mandarin notes, this fragrance brings out a luxurious, playful and mystical aura, reflecting that coveted scene of a lady in our modern society.

Head Notes: Mandarin              Heart Notes: Rose               Base Notes: Musky Wood

Duchess Rose

Chapter 2

Clandestine Clara

Clara is a sweet beau of Lord George’s dynasty with a complex personality, unquestionably living ahead of time. Unlike other women of her time who are girly and gentle, Clara is rather rebellious and antithetical, a strong and independent woman. Nobody would have expected a girl to smoke or hide behind a car wheel, but she does them.

Such robust and distinguished personality is best reflected in this sweet, but equitably spicy and woody scent. It is sexy and appealing, a temptation overall. Just like Clara, this scent is irresistibly graceful and sensual.

Head Notes: Rhum Vanilla       Heart Notes: Cinnamon Mask      Base Notes: Ambery Patchouli

Roaring Radcliff

An illegitimate son of Clara Clandestine and Lord George, Radcliff is gorgeous and playful. Like his father, flesh is his weakness. Like his mother, sexy and rebellious. Without the burden of titles and legitimacy, Radcliff is often seen immersing in cars and women. Isn’t he a charm? His life is truly full of delights and fun.

For a compelling and appealing characteristic like Radcliff, this scent portrays an outstanding tone of smokiness and muskiness with a ginger-bread sweet and spicy touch within, illustrating the pleasurable and sexy moments of his life.

Head Notes: Rum                     Heart Notes: Tobacco                         Base Notes: Ginger Bread


The Bewitching Yasmine

Very lady-like, soft and gentle, Yasmine can sometimes be far-reaching. She may appear cold and distant, or at least that is the way she presents herself, but things are usually not what it seems it is.

Contradicting as Yasmine, this scent is alluringly floral with a distinguished scent of coffee and a touch of spiciness. It’s hot and cold. Intriguing indeed.

Head Notes: Jasmine             Heart Notes: Incense                              Base Notes: Oud

The Uncompromising Sohan

An intelligent and enthusiastic character, Sohan is introspective and smart in building a reputation for himself. He is amicable and well-liked by people around him, no wonder his business relationships mostly ended harmoniously. Like a master key, Sohan opens many doors.

Like Sohan, this fragrance is stimulating and masculine. A taste of floral amidst the woody and spicy notes. As some would say, the scent is intoxicating and charismatic.

Head Notes: Pepper rose             Heart Notes: Vetiver                    Base Notes: Oud

Chapter 4

The Ruthless Countess Dorothea

Fierce and cruel, wise and smart, Countess Dorothea has a mysterious affection for young lads and scones. Knowing when to give and receive, she is an exquisite personality.

This scent is particularly refreshing, sweet and spicy. It is elegant and oriental with an appealing sweetness of vanilla.

Head Notes: Bergamot            Heart Notes: Red Ginger Oil           Base Notes: Sherry-Cashmeran

Monsieur Beauregard

A thoughtful and diligent French, known for his omnipresent, often when you least expect it. He is friendly, confident, beautiful and appealing.

Like his personality, this scent is refreshing, masculine and spicy, with mysteriously woody and seductively musky notes, just like the dashing Monsieur Beauregard.

Head Notes: Orris                       Heart Notes: Sandalwood                  Base Notes: Cinnamon

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