Nude Seafood

A popular dining spot amongst the Central Business District crowd is Nude Seafood, conveniently located on the first level of Marina Bay Financial Centre. The restaurant offers fine-dining meals at affordable prices while embodying the concept of highly Nutritious and Delicious dishes with the use of exceptionally-sourced ingredients in its preparations, and food that is cooked transparently hence the name, Nude.

Menus are catered for various times of the day; from breakfast, centered around made-to-order grab-to-go dishes to start the day right, to lunch providing high quality, quick affordable dishes whether its dining in or takeaways, all the way through to dinner, offering delectable starters, mains and desserts with the option of pairing dishes from a selection of wines. No wonder the restaurant is such a hit with the busy office crowd.

wild-caught King Prawn with house-made Taglioni pasta

The evident use of fresh produce shines through in many of their dishes, such as the Crispy Baby Squid, which is sourced locally, served together with burnt lime, ponzu aioli, paprika and sansho providing a perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. Aside from seafood, there is the option of the Duck Rillettes with Morello cherry gel, ponzu olive oil emulsion, pane carasau crisp and chives. For a heartier meal, the Roasted Whole Barramundi Fillet served with potatoes “Anna”, braised round cabbage, caper sauce and chervil is an ideal choice. The true star and definite must try is the wild-caught King Prawn with house-made Taglioni pasta, tomato-chirizo sauce and succulent vine tomatoes, exemplifying the natural freshness and finesse in a dish.

Japanese Strawberries and Chamomille

For dessert, the Japanese Strawberries and Chamomille is a great way to end the meal, utilising Chitose Agriculture strawberries grown in Cameron highlands, they are juicy and amazingly sweet served with chamomile panna cotta, strawberry-basil gel and fresh micro herbs.

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, 12 Marina Blvd, 01-02, 018982
Breakfast 8-1130am (Mon-Fri)
Lunch 1130am – 230pm (Mon-Fri)
Dinner 630-9pm (Mon-Fri)
PRICE CATEGORY: Between $50-100 a person

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