Labyrinth, 1 Michelin Star

Labyrinth is located at the heart of downtown district Esplanade, offering an integrated dining experience in its mysterious fusion of menu summing up the array of Singapore culture in one dish.

Being listed in 2017’s Michelin Guide, Labyrinth restaurant focuses on creating dishes that arouses your five basic taste sensations: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.


Table Top Decorations and Menu

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a stretch of bar serving those who are waiting to be seated or for the ones who would like to get a quick drink just before a show.

Inside, you will feel indulged by the cushy and dim ambiance, that calms all your senses. Then, you will be bewildered by the menu which serves a synthesis of major Singapore cultures. Nasi Lemak Chwee Kueh, a blend of Malay breakfast staple served in Teochew’s viscous mixture of rice flour is just one of the many for those who seek idiosyncratic masticating experience.


Snacks – Rojak Puffs, Charred Radish Cake, Nasi Lemak Chwee Kueh

Labyrinth’s contemporary presentation of classic Asian cuisine ensures that diners can expect a gastronomical adventure like no other. The Labyrinth endless exploration for culinary perfection through innovation, whilst holding consistency and quality to the highest standard is evident with Chef LG Han’s constant appearance doing introductions. Testament to this is Hokkaido Scallop “bak cho mee” using plump and juicy scallops in place of the original fish cake topped with anchovy powder on a bed of lovely textured squid noodles and a dollop of shrimp sambal for added spiciness, mix them all together with the savoury soya vinegar sauce for an experience like no other.


Hokkaido Scallop “bak cho mee”

Chef LG Han, banker turned self-taught chef, draws inspiration from fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, local cultures and culinary techniques from across the globe, reinterpreting and reconstructing classic international and local creations. He carefully crafted to showcase a variety of local flavours and textures. Clearly shown in Japanese A4 Wagyu “moonlight hor fun”, a visually exciting dish with a special recipe made of half “hor fun” half squid for the base noodles with an egg yoke center injected with “hor fun” sauce surrounded by neatly placed A4 wagyu beef slices and simply garnished with green pickles chills, a dish bursting with flavours.


Japanese A4 Wagyu “moonlight hor fun”

The Pre-Theatre Menu in particular, is specially designed to invite patrons to enjoy prior to their show, available every Thursday to Saturday for seatings at 6pm. This would certainly enliven the mood before the event.


2 Cut Indonesian Pork “char siew rice”

If the fusion of cultures in food is not artistic enough the recipient of 2015’s TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence has a resident artist Kelly Ser for yours eyes to feast. You will not be short of conversation topics with art pieces inspired from emotions and life experiences from the artist.


Cristal De Chine Caviar & Kaya “kaya butter toast”

All in all, Labyrinth is like an abstract art that leaves your palate to your interpretation to which culture it belongs to. Just as how Singapore is, belonging to many.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore 8 Raffles Ave, 02-23, Singapore 039802
PHONE: 62234098

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