Karen Tan, Veteran Theatre Actress

Karen has had the joy and privilege to work with practically every theatre company in Singapore. she has lived and performed in the UK, KL, Cairo, New Zealand and Vienna, but is happiest here in Singapore, where she is a working mum, with possibly the best job in the world.

Karen Tan

Karen Tan

“Forever Young” is Karen’s first production with Sing Theatre. She is thankful it’s not in French, as her inability to speak the language could start a war of misunderstanding.

Firmly beliving that the elderly have the right to live in grace and dignity, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they do so.

1. What is your dream destination and why?

Seriously? Any place that does my packing for me, with required modern bathroom, yummy food readily available and my family with me. No need to explain.

2. Three things you could never travel without

Actually, i only have one: my small tin of Vaseline. I am obsessed about not having dry lips.

3. Which destination surpassed your expectations and surprised you the most?

I sound really undecided but it’s really every place i go to. It’s not that my standards are low, but because i am always looking for something new to discover, or to revisit a nice place.

4. Where and what was your most memorable meal you have ever had while traveling?

I was filming in Penang, Land of the Most Delicious Food, but half the cars got struck with good poisoning. So i ended up eating plain rice and salted egg. Unforgettable!

5. Where are you looking to travel to next?


6. What projects are you currently working on?

Before Japan!!, I’ll be in Forever Young by Sing’theatre. I will play a bitter old woman who is twice my actual age. That means I’m playing myself but not my actual age.


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