Jonker Boutique Hotel Malacca

Those looking to experience the heritage of Malacca in all its glory, look no further than Jonker Boutique Hotel. Located in the heart of the famous Jonker Street in Malacca, which is UNESCO world heritage certified, plenty of shops, eateries, cafes and historical sites line this micro city. Guests will be spoilt for choice on the various offerings around the area, all within close proximity of the hotel. On the weekends, the street is transformed into possibly Malacca’s most prominent attraction, the Jonker Street Night Market. Step right out of the front doors of the hotel and guests will be able to soak up the vibrant atmosphere as well as purchase food from street vendors and all sorts of knick-knacks available to them.

Jonker Boutique Hotel Lobby

Jonker Boutique Hotel

Jonker Boutique Hotel Lobby 2

Hotel Lobby

A theme of ‘old on the outside, new on the inside’ resonates with the hotel, the façade looks very much like an old-style British colonial building but upon stepping in, guests will notice a modernity in its design combined with traditional Peranakan influences. Being a family run hotel, a sense of warmth and community is felt throughout. The staff tends to each guests’ request to the very best of their abilities, even going the extra mile at times, all with a smile on their face. From the reception to the owner, top notch customer service is provided to ensure an unforgettable experience during each stay.


A total of 16 rooms occupy Jonker Boutique Hotel, ranging from the Superior Room to the Grand Deluxe Family Room. Each room is uniquely designed and catered to all types of guests, from the lone traveler to families with kids, they will experience true comforts of home at the hotel. Considering the fact that the premise is only fitted with sixteen rooms, each one of them is spaciously afforded with high ceilings and large beds to relax in.

Jonker Boutique Hotel Family Deluxe Room

Grand Family Deluxe Room

Jonker Boutique Hotel Family Deluxe Room 2

Grand Family Deluxe Room

For those travelling with large groups, the Grand Deluxe Family is ideal, being able to hold up to 4 to 5 persons. The well-appointed room comes with amenities such as two queen-sized beds, a living room area with tables and chairs, a flat screen television, ample power sockets and high speed internet access. The hotel even provides a smartphone with available credit upon request for travelers who would like to do some exploration of their own, taking it along with you to navigate the beautiful streets of Malacca and delving into its historical sites.


For a morning caffeine fix, Jonker Café is highly recommended with its traditional setting and selection of local dishes. Located in an adjoining space right next to the hotel, the café serves classically brewed teas and coffees with toast and half boiled eggs, an ideal morning booster.

Jonker Cafe

Jonker Cafe

Jonker Cafe Coffee, Toast and Eggs

Traditional Coffee, Toast and Eggs

Jonker Cafe Laksa, Curry Chicken Noodle or Nasi Lemak

Laksa, Curry Chicken Noodle or Nasi Lemak

Alternatively, the Laksa, Curry Chicken Noodle or Nasi Lemak is equally as delicious. A notable dish that is a must-try is the Chendol, a perfect way to beat the scorching afternoon heat in the streets of Malacca.

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