Jean Danker, Mediacorp CLASS 95 DJ

Jean Danker is synonymous with radio, having been in the business for almost 2 decades. She now hosts the top rated evening drive time show (Cartunes from 5 to 8pm) on CLASS 95. She is also a television presenter and hosted the prestigious ‘Presidents Star Charity’ and the talent show ‘The 5 Search’. The LIVE crowds love her too, she’s hosted the ‘National Day Parade’ for many years and has also fronted events for SKII, Dior and Chanel. Jean is a pro at interviewing the stars, having hosted the ‘Asian Television Awards’ and the ‘Dragon Blade’ red carpet events.

Jean Danker

Jean Danker

1. What is your dream destination and why?

My ultimate dream destination was Iceland and I did an all girls trip there 2 years ago.  It felt like I was on another planet.  We walked the glaciers, rode the Icelandic horses, saw waterfalls, geysers and midnight sunsets.  Iceland is magical and there’s still so much more to see. I’ll definitely be headed back there.

 2. Three things that you could never travel without?

Definitely my phone, good shoes and an open mind.

 3. Which destination surpassed your expectations and surprised you the most?

New York.  I knew I would love it but didn’t think I would fall in love with it that much.  There’s an electric energy in the air that made me such an enthusiast about life after I went there.  You feel very alive in that city.

 4. Where and what was your most memorable meal you have ever had while travelling?

2 months ago I went to Melbourne and dined at the 3 hats restaurant Vue De Monde, at the Rialto.  55 floors up with a gorgeous view of the city.  We had an AMAZING 10 course dinner, with every dish blowing my mind.

 5. Where are you looking to travel to next?

Glenn and I haven’t had our honeymoon yet, so we are planning to head to New York in Dec.

 6. What projects are you currently working on?

I’m on the radio every weekday 5-8pm on Class 95, driving you home!  And come Dec 31st, I’ll be hosting our countdown show on Channel 5.

 7. Do you have any tips or advice for budding hosts?

Tips for budding DJ/Hosts?  Build yourself up to have steely determination, a thick skin and positive attitude and you got this!

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