Grand Launch of Savour BlackBookAsia – Hall of Fame

Read about what the upper echelon of society as well as the movers and shakers in every industry have to say about Savour BlackBookAsia. Quotes from famous international celebrities to top CEOs and the list goes on. Etching on Savour BlackBookAsia’s hall of fame for decades to come.

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Savour BlackBookAsia

Savour BlackBookAsia

Shì Lim, Miss Singapore Winner, Miss Universe.

“Your premier authority on all the best places to eat and hang out at in Asia! If there’s one magazine to trust, it’s Savour BlackBookAsia!”

Constance Song, Veteran Actress and Restaurateur.

“If you love life , you will love Savour BlackBookAsia!!”

Daisuke Kawai, World Gourmet Summit Sommelier of the Year 2017.


Hossan Leong, Entertainer and Comedian.

“Travel is not a luxury. It’s a huge part of my life and work. Savour BlackBookAsia has become part of that tapestry for in-the-know gems when I travel”

Kai Ying (Kay), Presenter and DJ, Jia883FM.

Gabriel and his team are always on the look out for amazing dining gems. I love checking out their recommendations because Savour BlackBookAsia knows best!”

Adrian Tan, CEO, Big Bang Capital.

Savour BlackBookAsia is the first-stop for all things luxury! Awesome content and photography, and an amazing read every time!”

Tao Li, Multiple Award Winning Medalist, Singapore National Swimmer.

“Hey, Gabriel. I went to your web, amazing read every time! A must have for every foodie out there.”

Eric Chan, Managing Director, PR Communications Pte Ltd.

“Congratulations to Gabriel and team. Your beautiful pictures and articles always inspire me to plan for my next holidays early. The new destinations are places that I hope to visit too. Show us the best places!”

Petrina Loh, Chef Owner, Morsels World Gourmet Summit Restaurant of The Year 2017.

“An awesome guide to eat, drink and travel all over Asia!”

Rons Tan, Senior Associate Director, Jardine Lloyd Thompson.

“Globetrotters’ quintessential guide to Asia and beyond. Kudos to Savour BlackBookAsia!”

Adeline Quek, Director, L Hotels & Resorts and Shanti Collection.

“Savvy, trendy content for the globetrotter. A very refreshing and evoking read for up to date destination information! I love my handy guide to lifestyle.”

Cheryl Hansen, Franchise Holder, Miss Earth Singapore.

“World class media coverage of the places to dine and to be seen at around Asia!”

Amir Solay, Group Beverage Manager, Unlisted Collection.

“My one stop read for the latest lifestyle coverage. simply splendid!”

Valerie Leong, Director ASEAN, Ernst and Young.

Savour BlackBookAsia – my favorite guide to all things Lux & Lavish”

Michelle Fisher, Director, GainsBrand.

“A Salute to Savour BlackBookAsia! The premium online guide to the prestigious F&B and luxurious lifestyle world of South East Asia and beyond!”

Jeron Teo, Founder, Rezilienz.

“Don’t let “Blackbook” fool you! Is actually full of Colours! Love the layout of the website and great article! Well done!”

Eugene Francis Ng, 2014 Champion, NutriMan.

“With immersive contents through vivid colors. Savour BlackBookAsia had me searching for the world’s exquisite cuisines and finest accommodations, while experiencing the world’s marvels.”

Marina Matthews, Managing Director, Chrysler Communications.

“Asia’s premier lifestyle magazine that puts the reader first and foremost. Expect nothing short of world-class quality content delivered with a high dose of class.”

Paul Nagaoka, Actor, Model and TV Personality.

“I’m picky when it comes to design and that’s what I like about Savour BlackBookAsia. It’s one of the most beautifully designed publications I’ve ever spent any time on. The whole thing just feels classy.”

Daniel Boey, Creative and Fashion Director.

“Fab content and fascinating stories make this the quintessential luxe guide indeed”

Kenny Lim, Fashion Label Owner, Depression.

“A treasure trove of travel tips!”

Jack Ho, Musician, Jack and Rai.

“I’m absolutely all for Savour BlackBookAsia just cause it’s packed full of amazing recommendations. Great reviews, lovely pics and best of all, I can check out which restaurants I wanna target before I travel 🙂”

Winston Lee, Doctor and Business Owner, South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic.

“It’s the quintessential guide to what’s good and fabulous in Asia. Perfect for the busy executive!”

Alan Koh, Director, Affordable Art Fair Spring Edition.

“A beautiful site with trending information of where to go and what to dine. Useful site to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening in Asia.”

Han Li Guang, Chef Owner, 1 Michelin Star Labyrinth.

Savour BlackBookAsia is a quintessential lifestyle portal offering insights as to what to do and where to eat around Singapore”

Kwek Ting Yu, Business Manager, Standard Chartered Bank Priority Banking.

“With Savour BlackBookAsia it will always be good mood good food 🙂

Kong Kum Hoong, Director, Long Chim Singapore.

“Given Gabriel’s relationship banking background and his extensive network within the lifestyle sectors, I am confident that these will aid him greatly in the successful publication of ‪‬  I look forward to reading his newest segment.”

Jeremy Monteiro, Jazz Maestro. 

“What makes Savour BlackBookAsia special is that the inspections and the reviews are done carefully and personally, and done with taste. This makes Savour BlackBookAsia a trusted source of information.”

Calvin Chan, Doctor/Director, Calvin Chan Aesthetics & Laser Clinic.

Gabriel is always edgy and on-point with his recommendations. This will definitely be my go-to guide on all the best wining and dining options in the region!”

Watson Tan, Owner, Upfront Models and Artfront Gallery.

“Sexy & sleek contents is my take on the Savour BlackBookAsia. Bringing luxury & lifestyle to different level”

Ayub Yulianto, General Manager, Templation Siem Reap.

“Discover Asia in style…perhaps the best to describe Savour BlackBookAsiaGabriel and his teams are treasure hunters, who constantly keep pace with changing trends and lifestyle thus providing a truly invaluable insight in dining. …Savour BlackBookAsia is a trustworthy source that promotes quality!!!”

Sureerat Sudpairak, Assistant Director, Dusit International Bangkok.

Savour BlackBookAsia is one the finest lifestyle and travel guides in Asia” I just love it!

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