Fish School Hong Kong

A name that is simply unassuming, Fish School is a restaurant that offers the very best fresh seafood created with seasonal ingredients and cooked with international flair. A hidden gem of a restaurant located down a narrow alley way in Third Street along Sai Yin Pun, guests are greeted with diffidently tinted glass doors and windows at the entrance but once inside, the space is packed with full of energy that uplifts the whole experience even before you dig into your meal.

Fish School Hong Kong

Fish School Entrance


An L-shaped bar lines the middle of the restaurant showcasing the different dishes being assembled and plated, with a large tank situated behind the counter filled with catches of the day. The menu also has interesting facts on the various fishes on offer and deriving from the name, it is almost like the restaurant is trying to educate you on the dishes (so as they say you are what you eat) and we love them for it, further elevating the entire dining experience onto a truly sensorial level. We recommend sitting by the counter where Executive Chef, Chris Ma does the finishing to the dishes. Chat with him and you can truly feel the passion and innovation that goes into the food.

Fish School Open Kitchen Counter

Fish School Open Kitchen Counter

Fish School Lobster Popcorn

Lobster Popcorn


Galore of dishes are on hand to select from the diverse menu, categorized into grilled, cold/raw, it is a dream spread for seafood lovers. Starting off perfectly with the Lobster Popcorn, the succulent and sweet crustacean is coated with cereal for an additional crunch, lemon sauce for tanginess and salted egg bits to balance off the dish. An interesting and unique dish to have is the Buddha Hand topped with Ricotta and Pesto, not a very commonly used vegetable in western restaurants, it is marinated in vinegar for a day and finished off with extra virgin olive oil. There is a hint of spiciness with the addition of chilies and is extremely light and refreshing, kudos to the chef for being able to elevate a simple vegetable dish to such astonishing levels.

Fish School Buddha Hand

Buddha Hand with Ricotta and Pesto

The Smoked Sardine with dill, onions, olive oil and horseradish is another to revel in, learning the technique while he was working in Sweden, the chef has incorporated a Scandinavian touch with a slight sweetness to it and letting the freshness of the fish truly shine in this dish. A must-try is the Raw Crab with Sea Urchin and rice, a dish that may not look as appetizing at first, but the burst of pure flavour on the taste buds is like no other, such an innovative and daring combination to behold.

Fish School Smoked Sardine

Smoked Sardine with Dill, Onions, Olive Oil and Horseradish

Fish School Raw Crab, Sea Urchin and Rice

Raw Crab with Sea Urchin and Rice


Desserts are creative and combines several elements together beautifully such as the Kamquat Sorbet with Lemon and Pomelo and for those who like something a little sweeter, there is Fig with Ricotta, Walnuts and Honeycomb.

Kamquat Sorbet with Lemon and Pomelo

Kamquat Sorbet with Lemon and Pomelo

Drinks: Concise selection of red, white wine and refreshing cocktails to perfectly pair with both meat and seafood dishes on offer.

100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Mon to Sun, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
PHONE: +852 2361 2966

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