Da Maria Bali

For truly authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Seminyak, look no further than Da Maria. A modern Italian restaurant in Osteria style, Da Maria is the brainchild of celebrated Restaurateur, Maurice Terzini who is also the man behind renown establishments such as Icebergs Dining Room and Bar (IDRB) and Da Orazio Pizza & Porchetta in Bondi Beach and The Dolphin Hotel in Surry Hills along with influential dining locations such as Caffe e Cucina and Melbourne Wine Room. He now brings his visionary eye and expertise to the sunny shores of Bali.

Da Maria

Da Maria

Da Maria Neapolitan fountains

Neapolitan Fountain

With stunning interiors to truly match the authenticity of the food, diners will feel like they are in little Capri the moment they set foot into the restaurant. Lined with geometric blue and white tile, shelves stocked with bottles of olive oil, as well as being able to dine under locally crafted chandeliers that use simple festoon lighting, diners can reminisce and get an experience of a 60’s Italian courtyard restaurants. An unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere fills up the space as plenty of natural light sips in through the sizable windows with typically verdant Balinese greenery of rubber trees, cacti and passionfruit vines spiraling down the walls from the Roman Pantheon-inspired skylight and three iconic Neapolitan fountains to add a refreshing ambiance to the restaurant.

Da Maria Lava Stone Ovens

Lava Stone Ovens

Da Maria Antica Magherita

Antica Magherita

At Da Maria, the pizzas are undoubtedly the stars of the menu, with dough fermented for 24 hours and taking inspiration from special Neapolitan artisan techniques, the pizzas are cooked in Naples inspired lava stone ovens to give an amazing taste, texture and crunch to them. No matter the choice, from the Antica Magherita to Pomodoro, diners will certainly not be left disappointed. As to any star, the supporting cast plays a vital role as well, with spectacular offerings such as the Scallop Crudo with orange, fennel pollen and finger lime, a very light and refreshing dish, perfect for a starter. The Wood-roasted Beetroot Ricotta salad with radicchio is another dish that sets you well on your path to the mains with balances a perfect balance of vegetables and cheeses in it, just be careful not to get it onto your shirt.

Da Maria Scallop Crudo

Scallop Crudo

Da Maria Wood-roasted Beetroot Ricotta salad with radicchio

Wood-roasted Beetroot Ricotta salad with Radicchio

For pasta lovers, the Tonnarelli Al Nero with clams, spicy sausage and parsley is a must. A great mixture of both land and sea combined with the al dente squid ink pasta provides an explosion of flavours with every mouthful. Those who are more inclined to having meat for their mains, the traditional Italian Porchetta (whole local pig) deboned and cooked slowly over coals with local herbs and spices is succulently roasted with incredibly crispy skin and tender pork that simply melts in your mouth, definitely one to savour.

Da Maria Tonnarelli Al Nero with clams, spicy sausage and parsley

Tonnarelli Al Nero with Clams, Spicy Sausage and Parsley

Da Maria Italian Porchetta

Italian Porchetta

A perfect way to finish off the meal is with a Bomboloni or the Da Maria Tiramisu, followed up by a house specialty of watermelon served over fresh ice with optional Campari, Lime Sherbert or Chilli Salt.

Da Maria Tiramisu


Da Maria watermelon served over fresh ice with Campari

Watermelon served over fresh ice with Campari

Drinks: Campari or Aperol is widely used and blended with white spirits, local fruit and citrus. Classic Italian favourites such as the Negroni and Spritz are complemented by most of the classics but with an emphasis on the less sweet, aperitif style. Da Maria also makes many of their in-house liqueurs, including their vermouth. The wine list is deliberately contemporary, simple and carefully selected to perfectly suit the style of cuisine.

Mon to Sun
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dinner: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Late Night Pizza & Disco: 10:00 pm – 1:00 am
PHONE: +62 (0) 3619348523
WEBSITE: damariabali.com

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