Christopher Millar, Stellar, Singapore

For Chef Christopher Millar, texture, purity of flavour and quality of ingredients are paramount when it comes to crafting his unique dishes that represent quintessential, progressive Australian cooking.

Chris Millar

At the helm of the highest restaurant in Singapore, he and his team continue to push culinary boundaries through their delivery of the vibrant and innovative creations that have made Stellar among the top critically acclaimed restaurants in the city.

Chef Millar’s career spans over twenty years and has taken him through the kitchens of award- winning, iconic restaurants in London and most notably at the legendary Windsor Hotel in Melbourne and the prestigious Pavilion on the Park in Sydney, achieving coveted ‘Chef’s Hats’ for both establishments.

In Singapore since 2003, he has steadily contributed towards the country’s dynamic food landscape with his own meticulous style and creative flair that have earned him numerous accolades, including most recently the Wine and Dine Best Restaurants Guide 2014 and 2015 **2-star rating and Best Roof Top Dining, National Critics Award 2014 for Best Executive Chef and Chope awards 2014 Best Chef. He is also one of the world’s elite few Krug Ambassade chefs.

Today, Chef Millar works directly with local producers to source for the freshest ingredients and is exciting Singapore’s gastronomes with his craft. He also enjoys creative culinary collaborations with international Michelin-starred chefs, both as host and as a guest chef during his travels. He has been invited to work in some of the world’s renowned kitchens, including Sugalabo in Tokyo.

1. What is your philosophy when it comes to food?

My philosophy is to always keep moving and to not get stuck with the ordinary. Be open to new ideas no matter how crazy they are and never create food which only aim is to impress. Cooking which is personal and from the heart always tastes the best!

2. Name your most Favourite dish on the menu? And why?

I love the ‘Trip to the Garden’.  We have a new micro garden growing fresh herbs and salad in Stellar. For this experience the guest comes to the garden and we make them a lemon meringue scraped with lavender sorrel. It refreshes the palate.

3. Main considerations when it comes to choosing your ingredients?

Seasonality and Quality

4. How do you see the growing demands for sustainable produce affecting the food world?

Sustainability should not just be about farming. Responsible fishing for example has been done for centuries. Not all fish farming methods are good. Often fish are pumped with antibiotics etc. So you really need to research the actual practices of the farm like if they are using sustainable feeder fish for example.

5. If you weren’t a chef, or in the food business, what would you be?

President of the United States. Just kidding! I can’t really think of anything else I would do

6. Do you have a memorable food experience that impacted you as a child or young chef?

Being forced to eat cold rice pudding at B&B in Yorkshire as a kid. It was horrible and scarred me for life

7. What do you enjoy most about being a chef?

You never stop learning

8. Other than creating good food, what are the most important qualities that make a successful chef?

Perseverance and patience

9. If you had a choice of anything for your last meal, what would you choose to have?

I am not going to have a last meal, I intend to live forever.

10. Do you have any tips for budding chefs or restauranteurs?

Listen to those around you and approach everything with an open mind.

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