Christmas Lights Up with Acqua Di Parma

Christmas Italian style. The streets are lit up and lights glow in houses. There’s a feeling of joy and a desire to meet for meals and parties. There’s the pleasure of being with family and of feeling closer to loved ones. You have more time to be together and to create memories.

With Acqua di Parma, every gift awakens an emotion, carefully considered and personal. Christmas presentation boxes are lit up in celebration. Rows of lights shine like jewels and decorate the iconic gift sets with their essential design. The packaging comes in the shades of Acqua di Parma yellow for Colonia, deep blue for Blu Mediterraneo and in the symbolic colours of the individual fragrances for Le Nobili.


The cool energy and brightness of Colonia in a selection for those who love Acqua di Parma’s signature fragrance. Eau de Cologne 100ml in an Art Deco bottle and Bath and Shower Gel and Body Cream, both in 75ml tubes.


 The perfect gift for a resolute and determined man. Colonia Intensa, a clever combination of wood and leather, packaged with its distinctive bronze finish of the label. The presentation box includes Eau de Cologne 100ml, Aftershave Balm and Shampoo and Shower Gel, both in75 ml tubes.


The iconic Acqua di Parma yellow gift set which once opened elegantly contrasts with the absolute black of Colonia Essenza. For a man who loves pure and authentic Italian style. The set includes Eau de Cologne 100ml, Shampoo and Shower Gel and Aftershave Balm, both in 75ml tubes.


Dynamic and cool, new and bright. Colonia Club is the fragrance especially for a man always on the go. The dark green of the bottle conjures up the atmosphere of an exclusive club. The set includes Eau de Cologne 100ml along with Aftershave Balm and Shampoo and Shower Gel in 50ml tubes.


The gift that will delight a modern, charismatic woman. The cream white gift box is inspired by the Magnolia flower, shining and majestic. The clear notes of the perfume can be found in the selection, which is available in both 100ml & 50ml sets. Eau de Parfum 100ml, together with Body Cream


A new fragrance that is extremely feminine and rich in emotions, beautifully packaged in a presentation box decorated with the delicate tones of the flower from which it is draws its inspiration. It’s like giving a bouquet of freshly-cut roses. The set combines the Eau de Parfum 100ml, the Velvet Body Cream and the Velvet Body Gel 75ml. The selection is also available in 50ml format.


A surprise full of vitality, like the woman to whom it is dedicated. The sensual, lively and vibrant femininity of the fragrance, which is portrayed through the royal magenta of the presentation box, which recaptures the colour of the peony. Inside, delight in discovering the Eau de Parfum 100ml, the Luxurious Body Cream 75ml and the Luxurious Body Gel 75ml. The selection is also available in 50ml format.


A gift which gives off the joyful brightness of the Italian Mediterranean. The deep blue gift set is lit up with lights which conjure up Christmas and the reflections of the sea. The presentation box comes in two versions which include Eau de Toilette, body cream and shower gel, all in 75ml format.

The Arancia di Capri set gives the feeling of a sunny and relaxing fragrance inspired by an island well-known all over the world for its charm and its elegance.

The Mirto di Panarea set has all the regenerating energy of a perfume which interweaves the notes of myrtle and the Mediterranean maquis with sea breezes. It transports you to the beautiful island of Panarea.


The bright heat of the flame, the purest red hand-made wax and berries painted one by one in silver. A special gift which gives off the perfume and the atmosphere of Christmas. Notes of forest wood and pine needles, together with spices and cherry-wood in a warm and enveloping fragrance.

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