Paul Nagaoka, Actor & Model

Paul Nagaoka was raised in the United States by his mom who taught him he could be anything he set his mind to. Believing her wholeheartedly, he began his entrepreneurial pursuits at the age of 12. After retiring early from his career as a real estate investor, Paul decided work needed to be about passion and followed his into the entertainment and fashion world.   Paul’s love of people, pursuit of learning, and desire for new experiences make his presence contagious. His […]

Daniel Boey, Creative and Fashion Director

Daniel Boey, referred to as the “Godfather of Singapore fashion” by HerWorldPlus and “Singapore’s fashion royalty” by IS magazine, is a creative and fashion director / curator whose name is synonymous with inspired, cutting-edge and groundbreaking ideas, and is one of the most sought-after fashion and lifestyle event curators in Asia. Daniel Boey Hailed as one of the “Singaporeans who mattered most in 2009” by – a travel and lifestyle website by CNN – Daniel’s extensive portfolio includes some […]

Mike Kasem, Producer and Presenter at GOLD 905

Mike started out his career in radio broadcasting in America. Armed with a sharp wit and livewire personality, he’s since become a familiar voice on both radio on television, having hosted Class 95FM’s Cartunes with Jean Danker and Channel 5’s The Final 1 and Sasuke Singapore. He recently made his film debut in horror film, “After Images”, in 2014 and “1965” in 2015. In 2016 Mike paired up with Vernetta Lopez to co-host the morning drive time show ‘LIVE! with […]

Jack Ho, Musician

Jack Ho presently with one of the top music acts in Singapore, Jack and Rai, has been in the music industry since 1999. He has Performed regularly at venues such as No 5 Emerald Hill, Fat Frog, Off Quay, Wala Wala, Balaclava, Timbre, CM-PB & Beer Market, since 2002 and opening act for artistes like Daughtry, Lifehouse, Rachel Yamagata, Tristan Prettyman, Swingout Sister, Go West, INXS, Howard Jones, Level 42 & Ryan Cabrera. Originally starting out as a cover band, their […]

Jeremy Monteiro, Jazz Maestro

Jeremy Monteiro (pianist, vocalist, composer, jazz educator) has won critical acclaim in many parts of the world. He has performed all over the World in addition to numerous occasions at home in Singapore, where he has been dubbed “Singapore’s King Of Swing” by the local press. He has served as artistic director of the Singapore International Jazz Festival in 2001 and the Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival in 2012. In 1988, Swing Magazine of Switzerland called him “one of the best […]

Angelique Nicolette Teo, TV and Radio Personality

Having been in the industry for more than two decades, this multi-faceted personality has gone from strength to strength. From a successful modelling career, she moved on to television and radio presenting; producing with her own evening drive-time show after just one year. Angelique, or Angel as she is more affectionately known, came into the limelight after winning the inaugural New Paper New Face Competition in Singapore, where she was born. Seven successful years of modelling followed before she moved […]

Kenny Lim, Fashion Designer

The label started in 2006, as a t-shirt store in Singapore, after designers Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim left their jobs in dismay. Feeling depressed but not defeated, the duo created DEPRESSION, a niche street wear label that is genderless and dark, like the sort that evil gangs of the future would wear. It enjoyed a loyal following because of it’s street goth sub-cultural influence, and the label has also participated in Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, Seoul Fashion Week […]

Charmaine Phua, Producer-Presenter at Power 98FM

Charmaine Phua, Senior Producer-Presenter at Power 98FM, hosts “The Impromptu Two” with Dee Kosh on weekdays from 9pm till midnight. A graduate of Sociology and Communications, she has been trained in Speech and Drama since young, and taught Drama during her under-graduate years. Having the extraordinary ability to fall asleep to the pounding sounds of trance, and known to enjoy alternative tunes too, Charmaine’s love for music across the genres and her sense of adventure fuelled the passion and desire […]

Hossan Leong, Entertainer and Comedian

Hossan Leong, Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, is one of Singapore’s most loved and recognised entertainers. Affectionately known as ‘Singapore Boy’, Hossan is a consummate performer whose skills include directing, singing, dancing, acting, piano playing, and stand-up comedy. He is actively involved in theatre, television, film and radio. Hossan first rose to prominence following his appearances in major stage productions like Off Centre and Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress. But it was his knack for comedy […]

Kaiying (Kay), Presenter at 883 Jia FM

883Jia FM Radio DJ, Kaiying (Kay) is a witty and easy going individual with a wacky sense of humour and a vivacious personality. Being effectively bilingual, Kaiying has hosted numerous events in English and Mandarin, and sometimes both languages in the same event. She engages the audience while switching effortlessly between the two languages. Her linguistic abilities also include a smattering of Korean and Japanese. Be it formal award ceremony or forums attended by VIPs, foreign delegates and ministers, or […]