Aryaa which translates to “Noble” in Sanskrit is a uniquely themed restaurant based around the concept of “Alexander the Greats” conquest of Eurasia, from Europe into Middle East and eventually into North India. Located along Beach Road, Aryaa transports diners into a contemporary and comfortable space in the heart of the CBD area, the restaurant offers traditional Greek and North Indian Cuisine with inspirations of wholesome cooking methods from regions such as Greece, Turkey and India allowing diners to experience a blend of history, food and culture altogether.


The menu at Aryaa is segregated into two sections, the Mediterranean and North Indian, offering favourites from both cuisines such as Chicken Souvlaki and Butter Chicken respectively. Starters such as the Aryaa Meze Platter provides diners with samples of the most popular Greek dips such as Tzatziki and Melitzanosalata served with fluffy Pita bread, allowing diners the chance to try various choices of dips according to their preferred taste. The Chicken Tikka is another recommended dish with bite-sized tender boneless chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt, baked to perfection in the Tandoor.

Butter chicken and Rajastani lamb curry with Naan

For the mains, an ideal dish to share is the ever-popular Greek dish, Chicken Souvlaki on skewers. It is cooked in an aromatic mix of oregano, basil, garlic and olive oil and served with a side of fries, pita bread and mixed salad. For Indian cuisine, the Butter Chicken, a specialty of the chef, is tandoor-roasted and cooked in a velvety gravy of classic spices and clarified butter ensuring a creamy yet tender mouthful with every bite. Lastly, for spicy food enthusiasts, the Laal Maas will satisfy even the most ardent, with fiery Rajastani lamb curry made with Kashmiri chillies, yoghurt and traditional Masala spices.

Aryaa also offers desserts from the two continents, choices such as Galaktoboureko which is home-made creamy custard wrapped in golden brown crispy phyllo pastry drizzled with melted butter, syrup and cinnamon, and the Kesar Pista Kulfi, a chilled dessert made from milk, cream, saffron and topped with pistachios are great ways to end the adventure.

Drinks: A large selection of cocktails on offer, with the mixologist whipping up concoctions according to your chosen taste and alcohol profile. Choice of French and Greek wine by the glass and bottle as well.

7500E Beach Road #01-201, Diners Building, Singapore 199595
Lunch 12-3pm (Mon-Fri)
Dinner 6pm-11pm (Mon-Sat)
TELEPHONE: +65 62916009
PRICE CATEGORY: Between $50-100 a person

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